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We are Van Hawke Sports, a division of Van Hawke Sports & Entertainment, an award winning global sports and entertainment agency.  


At Van Hawke Sports we provide specialised services in sports sponsorships for brands. Speed, price and transparency is in our DNA and within each of the tailored sports marketing solutions offered to brands seeking to maximise their brand exposure and ROI.

We operate a global sports network which includes the world’s most prestigious organisations, to deliver a carefully curated sports marketing service for brands which is based on their marketing objectives whilst procuring the best sports sponsorship deals.


Openly collaborative, Van Hawke Sports proudly offers a complimentary advisory service for brands. Our experienced team utilises proven industry knowledge and expertise to match brands with sports sponsorship opportunities based on their objectives.


We empower brands and work with rights holders to provide uncompromising sports partnership and sponsorship brokerage services for our clients.

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