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The advantages and benefits of sports sponsorship

- By Alex Bidwell

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Sports sponsorship offers a fantastic 360 marketing tool that advertises brands authentically with the potential to harvest great ROI and brand exposure to a much wider reaching audience. The advantages and benefits available through sports sponsorship are therefore limitless that can stimulate growth within the brand as well as an improved public perception.

Brand Visibility

Given the huge audiences sports attract, both within the stadium and via television or social media broadcasts, brand visibility is a guaranteed benefit of sports sponsorship. By having your brand’s name on the front of players’ shirts, on billboards at the ground, or as a prominent feature in the broadcast or on the teams’ social media channels your brand will stand out to spectators as you increase the familiarity of your brand with the consumer through consistent advertising. Sandals, a Caribbean holiday company, for example, are the principal sponsor for the West Indies cricket team and consequently the forefront of consumer’s minds when considering an idyllic getaway to the Caribbean or need luxury accommodation when watching England play cricket in the West Indies.

Defined Target Audience

Rights holders command a dedicated fan base perfect for brands to target through sports sponsorship. Through a partnership, brands can gain access to this audience which will reap commercial benefits for them. Brands are able to gain in-depth knowledge of the consumer through their affiliation and interaction with the rights holder. When partnerships are formed between a brand and a rights holder that share common values, there is great potential for increased revenue for both parties, and the prospect of collaborating together and attaining desired objectives both for the brand and the rights holders, can culminate in loyal, fruitful partnership.

Community Engagement

Sports sponsorship offers an opportunity to foster relationships with other businesses, affiliates and the community that regular business operations do not. The ability to positively contribute to the fans’ interaction with their favourite sports team is a fantastic way to garner close ties with the community that will see the affection consumers have for their favourite team be translated across to your brand. Barclays have done an excellent job of this through their recent campaign ‘Digital Eagles’ which helps customers upgrade their digital skills and have facilitated virtual get-togethers of dedicated football fans with a special guest, creating a memorable moment for them as the fans can enjoy the game together virtually. Subsequently Barclays are intrinsically linked with the enjoyment of the Premier League and have increased their customers’ enjoyment of the game by creating great memories which will reap rewards.

B2B and Corporate Hospitality

Top level corporate hospitality provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with clients and colleagues in a less formal setting, and reward a brand’s most loyal customers, by creating a memorable experience for them. Once in a lifetime opportunity to meet players, entertainment, enjoyable atmosphere and the ability to view the event from a desirable position all go a long way towards charming the recipient and demonstrate how valuable they are. IMG conceived the concept of corporate tents at golf and tennis tournaments and the uptake of this idea by all other brands involved in sponsoring these sports, goes to show how valuable of an asset it is.

How Can Van Hawke Sports Help?

Van Hawke Sports is a leading sports marketing agency, here to assist brands across all sectors of any size. We offer a complimentary advisory service to brands interested in sports marketing. If you want to learn more about us and how we can assist you, contact us today.

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