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Top 5 reasons why Van Hawke Sports is the right sports marketing agency for you

- By Maggie Strumelieva

The realm of sports marketing has helped many brands exceed their goals and objectives as part of their overall marketing strategy (be by landing higher ROI, brand visibility or exposure). To make the process smoothly operational and attainable, choosing the right sports marketing agency is key to your brand building and marketing efforts. 

So, what makes us the right sports marketing agency for you? 

At Van Hawke Sports, we adopt a market-driven and flexible approach when matching brands with the right sport sponsorship. We believe in providing our clients with the best value, choice and convenience when venturing into sports marketing. Our work ethic is driven by transparency and communication as we provide a complimentary advisory service to help and assist brands along every step of their sports marketing journey. 

1. Value 

We appreciate the individuality and uniqueness behind every brand and make it our mission to identify the goals and objectives within their marketing strategy. Using our extended industry knowledge and expertise, we add value to brands by tailoring the best sport sponsorship opportunity we believe to be the perfect match for the brand’s marketing efforts.

2. Choice 

Our extensive global network of over 350 rights holders allows us to deliver brands with a wide-ranging choice of sport properties. We take in consideration the demographics, budget, target audience amongst other factors that may assist brands in achieving their objectives, and curate a list of all the relevant sport opportunities available to them. 

3. Convenience

Van Hawke Sports is a one-stop shop for brands to match their objectives with the best sports marketing solutions at their convenience. We are accessible to any brand of any size allowing the venture into sports marketing to be a smooth and transitional experience between both the brand and the sports rights holder.

4. Transparency 

What makes us good at what we do is our work ethic. We operate with full transparency when dealing with clients, ensuring they are always kept in the loop and up to date with all the latest sport sponsorship opportunities available to them. Our close relationship with some of the biggest sports rights holders in the industry also permits us to consult and negotiate exclusive and a diverse range of sport assets on their behalf. 

5. Complimentary Advisory 

Van Hawke Sports offers a complimentary advisory service to brands. We identify and source the correct sports marketing opportunities for each of our clients based on their objective and strategies. This involves consultancy and brokerage services on your behalf completely free of charge. 

Van Hawke Sports is a leading sports marketing agency, specialising in sports sponsorship for brands. If you want to learn more about us and how we can assist you, contact us today.

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